CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

How to overcome troubles of with printing mascara bottles and other small objects, especially when using fine art designs?

No matter if it is a screen print, DTS (Direct to Shape) inkjet or another printing technology. Small products including mascara bottles cause registration issues or smudged prints more often than they should. Mostly these are caused by the product’s difficult to handle and register size.

This is one reason why single-color printing, hot stamping designs, or preprinted heat transfers make up most of this market. Additionally, this leads to most designs being limited in color or the need to be printed in high quantities.

With DIGITRAN digital heat transfers we want to change this. Thanks to our digital CMYK+white printing technology we can produce heat transfer decals in photorealistic quality and in the quantities you need! From 100 to 1 Million, anything is possible. This makes it a great tool for start-ups, white and private label products as well as special editions. Give your mascara bottles a fresh look with multi color designs, fine gradients or add security features like our 1 point small text.

Furthermore, you do not have to mess with inks, cleaning, clogged print heads, screen making, UV curing or solvents anymore. And if you are running conventional heat transfers as flexo or offset printed ones, you might even use those heat transfer machines for our heat transfers as well!

And to top it all, if you are running a hot stamping machine you might be able to use our digital heat transfers for your mascara bottles, too! Just exchange the stamping plate with a solid rubber plate and off you go. (Note: A foil registration would be a great help.)

Skin tones in digital printing - 1200 dpi

Printing is more than just a numbers game, especially when it comes to print resolution

Would you think that 1200dpi and 1200dpi digital printing is the same? You probably would.
But actually no, not even close!

Especially when it comes to photo-realistic printing and skin tones the print quality must be on point. The confusing part is that even though both prints shown in the photo have a resolution of 1200 dpi, they are obviously not the same. But how does that come?

Cosmetic Tubes as Promotional Products - Digitally Printed

Why Cosmetic Tubes Make a Perfect Promotional Product

Why cosmetic tubes are perfect promotional products? Because they are compact, useful and give enough space for your message.
And we are here to get them printed, also in small quantities!

As a contract decorator who prints your tubes just in time and in almost any quantity, or as your partner for heat transfer machines as well as digital heat transfer decals, we have the perfect solution for you.

Serialized Cosmetic Tubes - Digital Heat Transfer

Variable Data Printing with Digital Heat Transfers

What you should know about the advantages of printing different names, languages, numbers and codes – in one run!

Starting with printing different names on promotional products over serialized special editions to a print run with every image being different. With digital heat transfers you can achieve all this. Without UV, without solvents and without stopping your heat transfer machine.

CMTD - Digital Printing Paper Cube Box

CMTD – Digitally Printed Paper Cubes and Boxes for your Promotion

3 sides, 3 different photo-realistic images.
That is what a paper cube box can look like when you print it with DIGITRAN digital heat transfer technology.

CMTD - Lip stick printed with digital heat transfers

CMTD – Winter is coming. Protect your lips!

Lip balm comes in pretty much just one shape, which makes the print is even more important for this type of packaging.
With digital heat transfers we ensure that your product will stand out!

Especially when it comes to multi-color designs there is close to none in the shelves. Simply because multi-color designs are difficult to print onto a small lip balm shell and the more colors there are, the more it costs.

To bring more diversity to this product we developed DIGITRAN digital heat transfer decals as well as DIGITRAN heat transfer equipment for it

1-point text with digital heat transfer

Digital Heat Transfer Printing for Fine Details and Security Features

Yes, this is a 1 pt. text and yes, it is a transfer! With DIGITRAN digital heat transfers that is how fine you can print. Not only to show off, but to print security features hidden in your design.

The small font is just an example of implementing a security feature for your product. Therefore, it can be used as a stand-alone element or hidden somewhere within your design. In both cases it is almost impossible to be copied by any other printing technology.

TURBOTRAN 6.1 – The fastest heat transfer machine for textile printing

TURBOTRAN 6.1 – The fastest heat transfer machine for textile printing

Heat transfer decorating at up to 600 textiles per hour – with a single operator!

This is what the TURBOTRAN 6.1 is build for. The fastest, fully automatic heat transfer machine in the textile industry.

DIGITRAN TRT – Fully automatic heat transfer machine for cosmetic tubes and cartridges

DIGITRAN TRT – Fully automatic heat transfer machine for cosmetic tubes and cartridges

The automatic heat transfer machine for tubes and cartridges! Perfectly suited for #DIGITRAN digital heat transfer decals.

If you want to improve your print quality, jump into digital printing, or look for a solution to smaller quantities as well as personalization, then you should consider this machine and digital heat transfer technology.
Especially when paired with our digital heat transfer decals you will be able to provide the highest digital print quality that is available right now. Furthermore, you can do this without any UV curing or use of VOCs, making this a safe and eco-friendly technology.

CMTD – Gin Bottle Printed with Digital Heat Transfers

CMTD – Gin Bottle Printed with Digital Heat Transfers

“A diamond’s value is defined by both, the outside and the inside.” – Us.

We are bad in making up fancy headlines and do not know the right botanicals for this bottle’s gin, but when it comes to printing, we can help you get a proper appearance!

CMTD – Matt or Glossy - Digital Printing for Cosmetic Tubes

CMTD – Matt or Glossy – Digital Printing for Cosmetic Tubes

Matt or glossy? With #DIGITRAN digital heat transfer technology you can have both!

With the correct digital heat transfer decals and heat transfer equipment, you can make this decision even after the transfers have been printed. And that without the use of any varnishes!

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle
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