Heat Transfer Presses

Heat presses for textile printing with transfers

From electrical to mechanical and manual to fully automatic

Your one-stop solution for DTF printing and transfers.

Improve your textile printing process with our heat presses. The comprehensive range from entry-level presses to fully automatic carousels.

With a focus on quality and innovation, DIGITRAN offers advanced solutions for printing on textiles. These systems can be perfectly integrated into any production line and process DTF, screen printing and toner transfers as well as vinyl.

Our heat presses

Our products for printing on T-shirts, hoodies, bags, promotional items and work and sportswear.


The fully electric double heat press for quick and easy production without compressed air.

This heat press is perfect for all productions where a compressor is not wanted. Without any noise, this double press can simply be connected to a standard household socket and production can begin.

Features such as an automatic start mechanism and laser simplify the transfer process even further.


This fully automatic transfer carousel is the professional solution for transfer printing.

The automation allows the user to print up to 600 textiles per hour.

This system has two presses, automatic transfer placement, a peeling station for removing the backing material and automatic ejection of the decorated textiles.

Thanks to its ergonomic working height and the touchless start mechanism for production, it is also easy to operate by one person.


The all-rounder for smaller production runs with top quality.

This clam-shell press with automatic opening, pull-out base plate and magnetic closure is designed for smaller print shops.

Adjustable pressing times, temperature and pressure guarantee perfect results on up to 50x60cm. There is also space under the base plate so that the textiles can not only be placed on the press, but also threaded onto it. A large selection of easy-to-change platens makes this press an all-purpose weapon in your finishing process.


Fully electric entry-level model for DIY and small series.

This heat press is a good choice for an easy entry into transfer printing. Without a compressor and lots of bells and whistles, it does what it should.

With auto-start and a pull-out base plate, it is easy to operate. Whether for stag parties, graduation shirts or DIY projects. T-shirts and bags can be easily printed with the Zapling.

Pneumatische Transferpresse - Behemoth


This pneumatic (with air pressure) heat press is the puzzle piece between a manual clam-shell press and a pneumatic double press.

Because the press is closed with compressed air, there is no longer any need to operate a mechanical lever. In addition, the contact pressure can be very finely adjusted and deliver a high maximum performance.

A pull-out base plate and the swivel head of the heat press also make operation easier, from pulling on the textile to placing the transfer.

New possibilities with custom heat presses

Transfer printing on textiles, especially on T-shirts, hoodies, bags and similar products, offers enormous potential for a successful business. The heat press plays a decisive role here, as it has a significant influence on the quality and durability of the prints.

A high-quality heat press makes it possible to transfer designs precisely and permanently onto textiles. With the right temperature and pressure settings, it ensures optimum adhesion of the transfer to the fabric, resulting in long-lasting and professional-looking products.

With a variety of products, a press that can handle different sizes and formats is the best choice to adapt to individual customer requirements.

In addition, it is important to use high quality textiles and transfers to ensure a high quality end product.

By combining expertise in transfer printing, a high-quality heat press and a strong partner, a successful business can be built that combines creative design options with reliable production of printed textiles.

Do you have special ideas for your heat presses or questions? Then we look forward to supporting you here!