CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle

How to overcome troubles of with printing mascara bottles and other small objects, especially when using fine art designs?

No matter if it is a screen print, DTS (Direct to Shape) inkjet or another printing technology. Small products including mascara bottles cause registration issues or smudged prints more often than they should. Mostly these are caused by the product’s difficult to handle and register size.

This is one reason why single-color printing, hot stamping designs, or preprinted heat transfers make up most of this market. Additionally, this leads to most designs being limited in color or the need to be printed in high quantities.

With DIGITRAN digital heat transfers we want to change this. Thanks to our digital CMYK+white printing technology we can produce heat transfer decals in photorealistic quality and in the quantities you need! From 100 to 1 Million, anything is possible. This makes it a great tool for start-ups, white and private label products as well as special editions. Give your mascara bottles a fresh look with multi color designs, fine gradients or add security features like our 1 point small text.

Furthermore, you do not have to mess with inks, cleaning, clogged print heads, screen making, UV curing or solvents anymore. And if you are running conventional heat transfers as flexo or offset printed ones, you might even use those heat transfer machines for our heat transfers as well!

And to top it all, if you are running a hot stamping machine you might be able to use our digital heat transfers for your mascara bottles, too! Just exchange the stamping plate with a solid rubber plate and off you go. (Note: A foil registration would be a great help.)

Short Run Digital Printing for Cosmetic Tubes

Short Run Digital Printing for Cosmetic Tubes

Print or get printed – short run solutions for your cosmetic tubes. With DIGITRAN technology you can make that choice. Always digital and with an outstanding quality.

When it comes to short run printing of cosmetic tubes you are often confronted with many problems. Either it is expensive, or you must cutback when it comes to quality. In the worst case your request will be simply declined.
For this reason we have addressed these issues and developed a set of solutions.

CMTD - Serialized Cosmetic Tube Printing

CMTD – Serialized Cosmetic Tube Printing

Changing designs paired with an ongoing number on a cosmetic tube. Absolutely no problem. You think it, we print it.
These 20ml cosmetic tubes have even more than those two features. Take a close look at the grey line right below the red, ongoing number. Believe it or not, this is a 1-point small text printed in bold or regular style. Besides that

CMTD - Airless Dispenser

CMTD – Airless Dispenser

This airless dispenser says it all: Summer is not over, yet!

Printed with digital heat transfers on a DIGITRAN heat transfer machine.
For packing creams there are several solutions including jars or tubes, and there are airless dispensers.
If you want to keep your product safe from drying out or going bad due to air getting inside your packaging, these last one might be the best choice for you.

Especially with your product being a high-quality cream or serum,…

Heat Transfer Decals for untreated Polypropylene (PP)

Digital Heat Transfer Decals for Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is a material used in many applications from cosmetics to promotional products due to its properties such as hardness, resistance and costs. However, what are important and desired properties for some are an issue for others. That’s because

CMTD - Blue Mascara

CMTD – Blue Mascara

Today we’ll start our new “Color Makes The Difference” project! Every week we will post a product printed using our digital heat transfer decals to keep you inspired! For this one we picked a PP (polypropylene) mascara bottle which was



Ever wondered if there is a smaller quantity, high quality alternative to conventionally printed heat transfers? The answer is YES! DIGITRAN heat transfer decals are digitally printed and fill in this gap! DIGITRAN digital heat transfers are designed for cosmetic

CMTD – Digital Heat Transfer Printed Mascara Bottle
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