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About Digitran

Focused know how for digital heat transfer decorations

DIGITRAN is the brand representing a full service solution for high quality digital printing in combination with a heat transfer process. Formed by those industry's leading companies KSM, iTech and DekorTech we offer heat transfer machines, digitally printed heat transfer decals and decoration services.
Kammann Spezialmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik GmbH or "KSM" was formed in October 1976. Starting business as a research and development department for printing technology and machinery the focus quickly turned to heat transfer machines and the heat transfer process in general. Latest focusing on digitally printed heat transfers and how to apply those.

In 2006 iTech-Graphic GmbH was formed and started business as a printing company for digitally printed heat transfer decals. Digitally printing customer specific heat transfer decals on a special carrier coating is the core of the technology. Those heat transfer decals went through different developments and can now a days be applied to a wide range of shapes, products and materials using a heat transfer process. Closely cooperating with KSM and DekorTech the result was DIGITRAN offering a well rounded full service solution.


Custom Machines

Every one of our heat transfer machines is designed to fit your needs. From a semi automatic machine to start with to fully automatic machine systems including registration, handling and pretreatment options.

Unique Process

With our digital printing technology for heat transfer decorations we offer photo-realistic printing options that can be personalized with no minimum quantity. These special heat transfer decals can then be applied on your product using heat and pressure.

High-Quality Printing

The DIGITRAN heat transfer process makes it possible to apply 1200 dpi prints with high glass on your products. Additionally these prints do not contain any harmful substances as UV-curable monomers or VOCs.

Endless Applications

One major advantage of the DIGITRAN printing technology is the flexibility and cost-efficiency especially for small quantities. You can rely on flawless printing results on flat, cylindrical and tapered products.