Heat Transfer Machine for the decoration of flat, oblong shaped products

The DIGITRAN TRF is a fully automatic heat transfer machine for the application of heat transfer decals onto oblong shaped, flat products like yardsticks or levels. The machine design makes it possible to attach different infeed and outfeed options. With this feature a wide range of products regarding their size or shape can be decorated using digitally or conventionally printed heat transfer decals.

Another key benefit is the straight forward usability of the machine. Besides saving the settings in the touch panel the changing the tooling for a different size product takes only a few minutes. When printing different jobs on one roll of heat transfer decals the same product can be decorated with a variety of prints for different customers in a cost-efficient way. This benefit makes the process highly flexible and efficient for small and big size runs.

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DIGITRAN TRF - Heat Transfer Machine for Folding Meters / Yardsticks

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