Promotional Products Printing

Digital heat transfer printing for ad specialty products

High-quality digital printing without VOCs, UV or MOQs!

The DIGITRAN process is the technology to go for when it comes to printing ad specialty products and giveaways like pens, pencils, paper cubes, tubes or something completely new. Due to a unique workflow the heat transfer technology makes it possible for you to print on your products without any minimum quantities. Therefore we combine the advantages of digital printing with the heat transfer process and achieve a photo-realistic print resolution of 1200 dpi. For this process we take care of printing the digital heat transfer decals so that all you have to do is to apply them. For some some specific products we can even offer to take care of the whole process.
Furthermore the digital heat transfer technology makes it possible to personalize your ad specialty products. This means that every product can be printed with the customer's name. On top of that it is also possible to print different artworks back to back so that changing the design doesn't even require a machine stop.

Benefit from digital heat transfer decorations to make your ad specialties stand out by a one of a time print quality. Because we all know that the quality of a giveaway hat to match the quality of the company.

The possibilities for printing promotional items

There are several options available to you for printing your promotional items using the DIGITRAN process. Which one is right for you depends primarily on whether you already have a heat transfer machine or an embossing machine suitable for heat transfers. The second question is whether you want to decorate yourself or prefer to have this step carried out externally.

Depending on what is best for you, we offer the right heat transfer decals, heat transfer machines or our decoration service. So you can decide for yourself how much you want to get involved in this technology. In any case, you will receive a uniquely printed promotional item!

Ad specialty products printed using DIGITRAN heat transfer decals show a high degree of gloss, scratch resistance as well as being a harmless print without VOCs or UV-curing monomers - shipped within a few days.

To apply heat transfer decals you can use a wide rand of vertical or roller hot stamping available in the open market. But if you value a high-quality, safe and easy to use machine we offer heat transfer machines designed especially for the application of conventionally and digitally printed heat transfers - Made in Germany. This way we can offer a one stop shop solution for the decoration of you products.

Long story short: It is the cleanest process for a photo-realistic print applied to an ad specialty products. No smudges, no harmful ingredients like solvent or UV inks and no minimum quantities - delivered just in time.

How does DIGITRAN match your ad specialty products?

Reach out for us and find out.

Heat transfer machines matching your ad specialty products

The DIGITRAN TU ist the perfect, semi automatic heat transfer machine for the decoration of ad specialty items. Due to its flexibility it can be used for a wide range of products and quantities.

● quick make-ready
● for round, flat and tapered products
● low investment costs

Your benefits

  • personalization, serialization, on the fly job changes and mixed artworks within one job
  • cost-efficient printing without minimum quantities
  • high resolution, photo-realistic prints with great scratch resistance
  • for pens, folding meters, ice scrapers and other products
  • no need for storing and mixing inks, cleaning of print stations, evaporation of solvents or UV curing or prints
  • no specific requirements for clean rooms, climate control or ventilation
  • quick set-up and make-ready due to simple to handle machine systems and easy to apply heat transfer decals
  • fast and cost-efficient production of both small and mid-size orders
  • print repeatability
  • machine systems, digital heat transfer printing and decorations services available
  • safe, easy to use and harmless

Find out which machines fits you best!

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