Digital Printing on Yardsticks

Digital Heat Transfer Printing on Yardsticks

Printing on Yardsticks - Digital printing quality for small quantities

Are you already benefiting from the digital DIGITRAN heat transfer process when printing your yardsticks or levels? If not you might not know that you can use this process to print any quantity of yardsticks. High quality digital heat transfers can be applied to anything from a personalized product to a standard production run.
Thanks to the combination of digital printing and heat transfer technology you can comfortably apply photo-realistic, 1200 dpi prints onto your yardsticks. Therefore the DIGITRAN process separates the printing from the decorating. Simply send us your artwork to us and receive a roll of digitally printed heat transfer decals. By heat and pressure the heat transfer decal gets activated and adheres to each single segment of a yardstick. This technology makes sure that no excess ink drips in-between the segments and therefore raises the product's quality. Yardsticks or levels decorated like this can be shipped directly after the decoration process without any further waiting for solvents to evaporate or dry.

Additionally the digital printing technology makes the production of small to mid size orders highly cost-efficient. Every print can be different without costs for tool changes, cleaning, etc. By this you are able to print even smallest orders with a 4 color process gaining more business and customers.

With the DIGITRAN process every yardstick can be decorated with a glossy or matt finish. Additionally the products decorated using this harmless technology stands out due to their durability and photo-realistic quality.

For this application DIGITRAN offers both, the heat transfer machines as well as digitally printed heat transfer decals. The DIGITRAN TRF heat transfer machine even allows for switching the finish from matt to glossy on the fly without stopping it.
Print on any of your yardstick from 1m to 3m length, wooden or plastics, on one or both sides.


Long story short: It is the cleanest process to apply a photo-realistic prints to a yardstick. All this without smearing and harmful materials like VOCs or UV curing inks.

DIGITRAN TRF - Heat Transfer Machine for Printing Yardsticks or Levels

The DIGITRAN TRF is the perfect heat transfer machine for the digital decoration of yardsticks and levels!

This heat transfer machine is fully automatic, complies with high safety standards and is easy to operate. Most accurate product and print registrations as well as a special device that allows to switch from a matt to a glossy finish assure top quality results. Furthermore tooling can be changed within a few minutes.

To learn more about the DIGITRAN process feel free to follow this link: The DIGITRAN process,

or get in touch with us directly, we'd love to tell you more!

Your Benefits

  • Personalization, serialization, on the fly job changes and mixed artworks within one job
  • accurate color to color registration
  • high resolution, photo-realistic prints with great scratch resistance
  • noble appearance with a glossy or matt finish
  • no need for storing and mixing inks, cleaning of print stations, evaporation of solvents or UV curing or prints
  • no specific requirements for clean rooms, climate control or ventilation
  • quick set-up and make-ready due to simple to handle machine systems and easy to apply heat transfer decals
  • fast and cost-efficient production of both small and mid-size orders
  • print repeatability
  • machine systems, digital heat transfer printing and decorations services available
  • Safe, easy to use and harmless

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