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Your one-stop solution for DTF printing and transfers.

Enhance your textile printing process with DIGITRAN, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art DTF printers, efficient transfer presses and high-quality consumables.

With a focus on quality and innovation, DIGITRAN offers advanced textile finishing solutions that ensure vibrant and lasting results. Let us introduce you to the benefits of our DTF printing technology, TURBOTRAN 6.1 transfer machine and our high-quality consumables.

Textile printing solutions and products

Our products for printing on T-shirts, hoodies, bags, promotional items and work and sportswear.

DTF printer

Experience the benefits of Direct to Film (DTF) printing with DIGITRAN. Ideal for short and medium print runs, our DTF printers offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency. With no setup time required, you can print almost any color, shape or size in record time. Our DTF systems allow for variable white ink thickness, saving ink on light textiles and providing maximum color coverage on dark fabrics. Plus, we profile our printers ourselves to ensure colors are printed as accurately as possible.

DTF Transfers

Our ready-to-apply transfers feature exceptional color intensity while being stretchable, colorfast and durable. In addition, external transfer printing allows you to implement flexible and on-demand production planning independent of the actual decoration. From a few designs to large orders, we deliver in less than 5 business days. Whether for corporate apparel, sports clubs or events, DTF printing offers endless possibilities.


High-quality consumables for DTF printing. Complete your DTF printing setup with our range of premium consumables, carefully selected for compatibility and exceptional performance. Our portfolio includes:

Inks: OEKO-TEX certified pigment inks are the core of a durable transfer. Our color-intensive inks are highly stretchable and can be washed at up to 60°C.

Films: FlexFoil DTF films are specifically designed for this process. In particular, our Instant-Peel film offers outstanding ink absorption, a pleasant touch and also has an antistatic finish.

Adhesives: To ensure that the transfer adheres to the textile, we offer appropriate hot-melt powders. With a low activation temperature, short pressing times and strong adhesion to many materials, they fit perfectly into any production.

Transfer presses

DIGITRAN transfer presses are the ultimate tool to let your creativity run wild in textile design. These high-performance presses stand for even temperatures, contact pressure and consistent results. They range from entry-level models to pneumatic double presses. With a wide selection of base plates, everything from neck labels to XXL prints can be applied. Whether you're printing on T-shirts, hoodies or other textiles, DIGITRAN heat presses can bring your designs to life with impressive clarity and durability.


Automated efficiency: We present the TURBOTRAN 6.1, our fully automated transfer application solution for efficient textile decoration with up to 600 textiles per hour. This system features two presses, automatic transfer placement, a peeling station for peeling the film and an automatic output of the decorated textiles. With its six stations, the TURBOTRAN 6.1 is designed to be operated by a single person, thanks to its ergonomic working height and contactless starting mechanism.