DTF Consumables

DTF Consumables for Perfect Transfers

DTF Film, Ink, Adhesive Powder and Accessories

For a perfect DTF transfer you need more than just the printing machine. That's why DIGITRAN offers a selection of tested materials for your textile printing. From hot peel films to color fast inks with OEKO-TEX certification to high tack hot melt powder and accessories.

Our premium products have been selected so that they harmonize perfectly with each other and can be used together without further testing.

However, if only one input material is of interest to you, you don't need to buy the whole package.

Our Prime DTF Consumables



This instant peel film can be peeled off hot or cold! It is antistatic, creates a pleasant feel and absorbs a lot of ink without it running! The 7 layer coated film is 90μm thick, dimensionally stable and can be used in all standard DTF printers.


Low Activation Temperature

This fine-grained DTF adhesive powder can be pressed safely at 110°C. With strong adhesion to cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics, the textiles can be washed at up to 60°C without any problems. Perfect for sports and casual wear!


Safe and clean

Water-based pigment inks with OEKO-TEX (Level 3) certification for wash-resistant, stretchable transfers. Available in CMYK, white, spot and fluorescent colors, these inks can be used in EPSON i3200-A1, 4720 and XP600 printheads.

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Other DTF Consumables

In addition to the FlexFoil TPM160I, we also offer cold peel films. Both DTF films can be printed with common water-based DTF inks.
For this purpose, the films have a thickness of 75micron and are supplied as 100m long rolls in 60mm width.

Other interesting products for your DTF transfer production:

- heat resistant adhesive tape
- cleaning fluid
- lint-free cleaning cloths
- encoder strips
- and much more

How to apply textile heat transfers correctly


Dwell Time

7 - 15 Seconds



110 - 160°C

230 - 320°F

Transfer Press Symbol


Medium to High

You think about printing digital heat transfers yourself?

Even if we are happy to supply you with our DHT Tex DTF heat transfers, we would also like to help you here. With our digital printing solution, the DIGITRAN FlexLine DTF600 MK-II, you can bring your production up to the state of the art.

The DTF digital printing system for textile transfers offers optimal colors and maximum flexibility in CMYK+WWW printing. Perfect for small batch sizes, multi-color designs and modern manufacturing.