DTF adhesive powder (TPU)

DTF adhesive powder (TPU) - FlexTack

strong adhesion | low activation temperature | various textiles

The DIGITRAN DTF adhesive powder FlexTack is the all-rounder among textile adhesives. With a fine, evenly distributed grain size, low activation temperature and high elasticity, it can be applied to almost all textiles. The adhesive particles are selected so that the transfers adhere optimally to fine and coarse materials.


Grain Size: 120 - 170μm

Transparent Film

Activation Temp.: 110°C /230°F

Strong adhesion

Packaging: 1 kg

Elasticity approx.: 780%

Powder for sprinkling

Washable up to 60°C

DTF Adhesive Powder "FlexTack" has been developed for use in textile printing. The TPU powder can be sprinkled into water-based printing inks such as DTF inks, plastisol or water-based screen printing inks.

With a low activation temperature of 110°C, it quickly forms a strong adhesion on: Cotton, polyester, mixed fabrics, nylon, artificial leather and many other materials. In addition, its high stretchability makes it a perfect partner for sportswear.

Despite the low activation temperature, transfers using this powder can be produced with a washability of up to 60°C. However, the entire combination of adhesive, film, ink, textile and transfer press must be compatible.

Packed airtight and in a dry atmosphere, the powder can be sprinkled in without sticking and then tapped off manually or automatically. Ideally in combination with an antistatic film!

Fast availability from our warehouse and an outstanding price-performance ratio make this product perfect for your textile printing.

Supplied as individual bags, cartons or pallets, we serve small and large print shops as well as qualified trading partners.

The quality is also constantly checked by us, as all DIGITRAN consumables are also used by us.

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The best DTF adhesive powder for textile printing.

The right DTF printer for the adhesive powder


Water-based ink with OEKO-TEX

Max. Resolution of 720x2400dpi

2 Print head system

Color profiles for different applications

In-line printing, powder and drying

Extreme color accuracy thanks to color management

White circulation pump and stirrer

Automatic cleaning cycles

Efficient printing width of 600mm

Maximum print quality at up to 14m²/hr.

4, 6 and 8-pass print modes

For various textiles and applications

Perfect stretch and washability

Dimensions approx. 1,4 x 2,5m

With our DIGITRAN FlexLine DTF600 MK-II, you can add a perfect digital solution to your transfer production. Perfect for smaller batch sizes, multi-color designs and short response times.

Why DTF (Direct To Foil/Film) Printing

DTF Textile Transfers - Perfect for small and medium batch sizes

In-Line DTF printers are the perfect solution when it comes to small and medium batch sizes. As no set-up processes are required for printing, any color, shape and size can be printed in the shortest possible time. Our system can also be used to print different white layer thicknesses. This means that ink can be saved on a light textile and maximum color coverage can be achieved on a dark one.

The digitally printed transfers are also characterized by outstanding color intensity. They can also be applied quickly and easily to cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends and various other materials. They are stretchable, colorfast and durable.

Another advantage is that the transfers can be produced independently of the finishing. This means they can be prepared for upcoming orders and called up as required during decoration. Screen printing, vinyl and digital transfers can be used in combination on every transfer press. Whether 100,000 single-color screen prints, plotted silver vinyl or digital photo prints.

Looking for DTF transfers only?

We can help you here too. We can supply you with your printed images in all standard DIN-A formats or as cost-effective rolls. Perfect for T-shirts, bags or hoodies as work, sports or casual wear. Cotton, polyester and blends can be finished with our transfers. We also offer different variants for light and dark textiles as well as the right settings for your textile. Naturally printed on the Instant-Peel DTF transfer film.

Our digitally printed transfers are available in all quantities from 1 to 10,000 pieces and can be printed and dispatched in just a few days. Simply send us a short message with the quantity, size and application you have in mind and we will send you a non-binding offer.