Heat Transfer Decals

DIGITRAN Heat transfer decals

Digitally printed heat transfer decals on a recyclable carrier

To achieve a high resolution, photo-realistic decorations for your tubes, cups, shells, papercubes, yardstick and many other products digital heat transfer decals are what to go for. These heat transfer decals contain no solvents or UV curable materials making them harmless and safe to use. Printed on a special carrier material the print itself only releases when you want it to release providing an easy to use process.

With DIGITRAN's portfolio of carrier materials and finishing options the digitally printed heat transfer decals can a applied to a wide range of materials.
These materials include SAN, PE, PP, PET as well as other grades of plastic. Additionally glass, metal and ceramic products can be decorated using heat transfer technology as well, giving the product an outstanding look.


Your Benefits

  • Personalization, serialization, on the fly job changes and mixed artworks within one job
  • accurate color to color registration
  • high resolution, photo-realistic prints with great scratch resistance
  • noble appearance with a glossy or matt finish
  • no need for storing and mixing inks, cleaning of print stations, evaporation of solvents or UV curing or prints
  • no specific requirements for clean rooms, climate control or ventilation
  • quick set-up and make-ready due to simple to handle machine systems and easy to apply heat transfer decals
  • fast and cost-efficient production of both small and mid-size orders
  • print repeatability
  • machine systems, digital heat transfer printing and decorations services available
  • Safe, easy to use and harmless