Heat Transfer Decals

DIGITRAN Heat transfer decals

Digitally printed heat transfer decals - harmless & eco-friendly

We print, you decorate. DIGITRAN heat transfer decals are perfectly suited to achieve photo-realistic decorations on a variety of products and at any quantity. Some of the applications in the cosmetics, textiles, ad specialty, toys or drinkware industry are tubes, mascara, cups, shells, papercubes, airless dispensers, bottles and many more.

Therefore we print high resolution heat transfer decals using a digital printing technology and a unique carrier foil made from a harmless and recyclable materials. This carrier's functionality makes sure that the transfer only releases when you want it, making the decoration safe and easy.

With our range of foils for digitally printed heat transfer decals these can be applied to a variety of materials. The materials that can be decorated with the high quality DIGITRAN heat transfer decals include SAN, PE, PP, PET, BIO- and other plastics as well as glass, metals and ceramic products.
When using our "DHT Tex" digitally printed textile transfers (DTF) you can print onto cotton, polyester, blends as well as artificial leather.

Due to the printing technology we use for printing the heat transfer decals we can even realize personalizations and serializations. This means that every print can have a different number, name, language or a completely different design. By this you can cost-efficiently decorate any quantity down to a single print with high quality artworks.

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DIGITRAN - Digitally Printed Heat Transfer Decals

SHIELD Technology

Our SHIELD technology makes more out of your heat transfer images. Whether for packaging printing, cosmetics, promotional products or industrial applications, our carrier films make your transfers even better.

Regular carrier films made of wax, silicone or other release layers are there for the heat transfer image to detach from this release layer. Thus, only the mix of ink and, if applicable, adhesive is transferred to the item. Transfers printed on carrier films with SHIELD technology behave differently here. These carrier films transfer parts of the carrier material in addition to the image. In this way, we can optimize gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, slip and other surface properties for your application.

In addition, all SHIELD films can be processed almost identically, so a change from a system optimized for cream or alcohols to one that has special water resistance can be made without changing any machine settings.

These are our three basic types of SHIELD technology:

DIGITRAN - Textil Transfers DTF

Textile Heat Transfers for Clothing and Bags

Are you looking for transfers to print on T-shirts, hoodies, bags, sportswear or workwear? Then get to know our DIGITRAN DHT Tex product range! Here you will find digitally printed heat transfers for all textile applications.

Digitally printed using the DTF process, the transfers can already be applied at low temperatures. Thanks to our Instant Peel film, they can also be peeled off hot or cold.

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Your advantages with DIGITRAN heat transfer images

  • personalizations, serializations or different image sequences in one set
  • cost-efficient production of small series and variable image data
  • sustainable and non-hazardous printed images
  • no pre-treatment for almost all materials incl. PP
  • no mixing of inks, no cleaning of printing units, no UV drying
  • fast realization of small and medium batch sizes
  • highest register accuracy of colors to each other
  • photorealistic images with high mechanical resistance
  • noble optics and outstanding color depth
  • no spatial requirements such as exhaust systems, air conditioning or clean rooms
  • short set-up / lead times and easy handling of films and machine systems
  • repeatable image quality at any time
  • just-in-time production