Heat Transfer Machines

DIGITRAN Heat Transfer Machines

High Productivity for an Impressive Decoration

To enable you to use the innovative DIGITRAN technology independently in your company, we develop and implement individual heat transfer machines for you. With the DIGITRAN heat transfer machines, you can apply both conventionally and digitally printed heat transfer images. Therefore, we work closely with you and provide you with detailed advice. Thus, we find the system that suits your application context best.

Discover the variety: Thanks to the unique DIGITRAN process, your possibilities for decorating articles with photo-realistic digital prints are almost unlimited - also with regard to the shapes and materials of the printed objects. Whether a universal semi-automatic or fully automatic machine systems including product orientation, pre- and post-treatment: our range of products is tailored exactly to your requirements.

The various solutions include cosmetic products such as tubes or airless dispensers, promotional products, toys, drinking cups or bottles as well as various other product groups. For all this the DIGITRAN transfer head is always the core of our heat transfer machines.

These are characterized by a stable temperature control, a uniform drive and an adjustable contact pressure. In addition, uniform web tension and convenient adjustment mechanisms ensure fast and perfect results.

With the TURBOTRAN 6.1 we also offer a heat transfer machine for textile printing. Optimized for textile transfers this heat transfer machine stands for productivity and user-friendliness.


DIGITRAN Heat Transfer Machines

Our Heat Transfer Machines for Printing Cosmetics, Promotional Products, Toys, Industrial Products and Many More.

DIGITRAN TRR - fully automatic

Heat transfer machine for printing cylindrical, mandrel carried products as lip sticks, tubes or airless dispensers.

  • 6 station turret head
  • up to 2000 transfers/hour
  • product-Ø: 16 - 60mm
  • product length: 50 - 220mm

DIGITRAN TRT - fully automatic

Heat transfer machine for printing cylindrical, mandrel carried products as tubes, shells or cartridges.

  • 8 station rotary machine
  • up to 1600 transfer/hour
  • product-Ø: 16 - 70mm
  • product length: 60 - 230mm

DIGITRAN TU - semi-automatic

Heat transfer machine for printing round, flat, or tapered products.

  • universal semi-automatic machine
  • several tooling options for different product shapes
  • round products:
    • diameter: 7 - 200mm
    • product length up to 300 mm
  • flat products:
    • length: 15 - 300 mm
    • width up to 110 mm

DIGITRAN TSF - fully automatic

Heat transfer machine for printing flat products as optical discs or coasters.

  • optimized for small and medium quantities
  • up to 500 transfers/hour
  • spindles for CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays
  • max. product dimensions: 125 x 125 mm

DIGITRAN Special Machines

You have a product you want to print, but can't find a heat transfer machine to do so? Therefore we offer special machine build for your needs.

  • upgrading existing heat transfer machines
  • new developments
  • projected machines
  • automation

TURBOTRAN Heat Transfer Machines

Heat transfer machines for printing textiles as t-shirts, bags, sportswear and workwear.

TURBOTRAN 6.1 - fully automatic

Heat transfer machine for printing textiles as t-shirts, bags or jerseys.

  • fully automatic textile printing
  • up to 600 transfers/hour
  • standard and membrane platens
  • several transfers simultaneously