Heat Transfers for Textiles

DHT Tex - DTF Transfers for Textiles

DTF prints in any quantity, fair prices, delivered quickly

DTF digital heat transfers for your textiles. We print your motifs quickly and in highly opaque colors. From single pieces over gang sheets to large orders, we make sure that you get optimal results.

For our DHT Tex transfers, we rely on sustainable printing technology with water-based, OEKO-Tex certified inks. Here the hot- or cold-peel backing films allow for clean and easy processing. Finally our durable adhesive ensures a long life and stretchability of your designs.

To get started you can quickly and easily place your motifs in our DIN-A format templates or send us a combination of designs in a gang sheet. The digitally printed heat transfers are then neatly cut or packed as a roll and sent to you in just a few days.

Perfect for the local sports club, bachelor/bachelorette parties or the start of your own fashion line, they fit on any t-shirt, hoodies, bags as well as sports and workwear. Our DTF prints adhere to cotton, polyester, blended fabrics, nylon and more.

Fair prices for rolls and sheets.
Fast delivery, in less than 5 working days.
Peeling: Hot or cold.
Apply from 110°C.
From 7 seconds pressing time
Cotton, polyester, nylon, artificial leather, mixed fabrics and many more.

Our DTF transfers for your textiles


DHE Tex Light - heat transfers for light textiles

Optimized for excellent results on light and white garments. A lighter color build-up also makes for an even more pleasant wearing experience.


DTF Textile-Transfer - Astronaut

The best choice for dark and black textiles. The adjusted ink coverage in CMYK and W provide colors like on white textiles.

DHT Tex Athletic

DHT Tex Athletic Transfer for Sportswear

Athletic transfers have a unique structure for maximum breathability, perfect for sportswear. This option is available for light and dark textiles!

Request DTF transfers

Transfers as rolls are printed and shipped on a roll of 600mm width. This is the variant with the best price. Sheets are cut in the appropriate DIN A format. ATTENTION: For sheets an unprinted margin of 10mm must be planned around the design.

Special DTF Transfers


Gold DTF Transfers

Optimized for excellent results on bright and white garments. A lighter color build-up also makes for an even more pleasant wearing experience.


Silver DTF Transfers

What works in gold also works in silver. Shiny DTF transfers that look like embossing. Not suitable for colored prints.


Reflection DTF Transfers

In direct light, these transfers reflect the light. Can also be combined with colored prints!


Glow DTF Transfers

Phosphorescent transfers that glow in the dark! For safety clothing or creative designs. Can also be combined with colored prints.

Applications for our textile transfers

DTF digitally printed heat transfers are perfect for printing on textiles quickly and easily.

All you need is a heat press and the image data. From there, we take care of the rest.

In most cases, we ship our transfers printed with your designs back to you in less than 5 business days. Whether it is a DIY project in your own craft studio, for copy stores or a full on production. The transfers always come perfectly packaged and cut in the appropriate format. It doesn't matter whether it's a one-off or a large-scale production.

Textile transfers are long lasting and can be washed multiple times without any problems. Whether it is for a T-shirt, shirt, hoodie, sportswear, workwear or bags and pouches. The applications are endless and yours to discover.

DTF Transfers

How to apply textile heat transfers correctly


Dwell Time

7 - 15 seconds



110 - 160°C

248 - 320°F

Transfer Press Symbol


Medium to High

You think about printing digital heat transfers yourself?

Even though we enjoy supplying you with our DHT Tex heat transfers, we would also like to help you here. With our digital printing solution, the DIGITRAN FlexLine DTF600 MK-II, you can bring your production up to the state of the art.

This DTF digital printing system for textile transfers offers optimal colors and maximum flexibility in CMYK+WWWW printing. Perfect for small batch sizes, multi-color designs and modern manufacturing.