Heat Transfer Machine for the Decoration of Cylindrical, Mandrel Carried Articles

Fast and flawless decorations of mandrel carried products - DIGITRAN TRT is the heat transfer machine for those requirements. Like all DIGITRAN machine systems the DIGITRAN TRT is designed to utilize the DIGITRAN heat transfer process to apply photo-realistic 1.200 dpi prints in any quantity.
The rotary design of the machine systems allows for a quick transportation through eight stations. Depending on the customer's needs these can be equipped with different functionalities like a flame pretreatment unit. With an automated in- and outfeed as well as easy to mount tooling the TRT can be perfectly adjusted to fit different size articles from a tiny tube to a cartridge. The usability of this machine makes it easy to handle by a single operator.

The DIGITRAN TRT allows for a fast, safe and simple heat transfer decoration of tubes, cartridges, shells and a variety of other mandrel carried articles.


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