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Experienced Full Service for Digital Heat Transfer Printing, Heat Transfer Machines and Decoration Services

High Quality, Safe and Unique

DIGITRAN is the brand for high quality digital printing solutions. Representing an alliance of leading companies we offer a unique technology for the decoration of your products. Therefore we combined digital printing technology with the heat transfer process. Due to this combination we can print high resolution images as well as personalized artwork both fast and cost-efficient. Utilizing our digital printing technology the process is perfectly matched to print small and mid-size orders.

To make you benefit from this process we offer everything that is needed. From digitally printed heat transfer decals and semi or fully automatic heat transfer machines to a decoration service.

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Our Products and Services

DIGITRAN Heat Transfer Machines

Application-oriented: We design and build fully- and semi-automatic DIGITRAN heat transfer machine systems for the decoration of ad specialty items, cosmetics, toys and many other products. Additionally we offer custom build machines to match your exact needs.

DIGITRAN Heat Transfer Decals

We print, you decorate! We print any quantity of heat transfer decals for a photo-realistic decoration of pens, tubes, cups, shells, paper-cubes and many other products using only our special heat transfer material that is harmless and can be recycled.


The DIGITRAN heat transfer process is a unique combination of digital printing and heat transfer decoration. The result: A safe and clean printing process for photo-realistic heat transfer decals which can be applied onto a wide range of shapes and materials.


Experienced full service for heat transfer decorations: The DIGITRAN brand stands for everything that is connected to heat transfer printing.
Starting with digitally printed heat transfer decals and heat transfer machines and ending with a decoration service.


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Live-Demo at the K-Show

The countdown for the K-Show 2019 has started and we all are excited about what to expect at the show as we will be exhibiting, too. We will present everything that is connected to the DIGITRAN heat transfer process.
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Multi-Transfer TURBOTRAN 61

Multi-Transfer with the TURBOTRAN 6.1 – Live at the FESPA 2019

There are only a few weeks left until FESPA 2019 begins and also Kammann Spezialmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik GmbH ist getting ready for it. This year the they will show the full spectrum of heat transfer technology. From heat transfer machines to heat transfer decals and decorated products.
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Custom Machines

Every one of our heat transfer machines is designed to fit your needs. From a semi automatic machine to start with to fully automatic machine systems including registration, handling and pretreatment options.

Unique Process

With our digital printing technology for heat transfer decorations we offer photo-realistic printing options that can be personalized with no minimum quantity. These special heat transfer decals can then be applied on your product using heat and pressure.

High-Quality Printing

The DIGITRAN heat transfer process makes it possible to apply 1200 dpi prints with high glass on your products. Additionally these prints do not contain any harmful substances as UV-curable monomers or VOCs.

Endless Applications

One major advantage of the DIGITRAN printing technology is the flexibility and cost-efficiency especially for small quantities. You can rely on flawless printing results on flat, cylindrical and tapered products.

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