Heat Transfer Machine for the Decoration of Textiles with up to 600 Transfers per Hour

With the TURBOTRAN 6.1 we offer you a solution for a fully-automatic and efficient printing of textiles. The carousel system is equipped with 2 heat transfer presses, an automatic placement of transfers, a peel-off station for the carrier material and an automatic out-feed of the decorated textile. Set-up with these 6 stations the machine is perfectly designed to be operated by a single person. The ergonomic working height and an optical starting mechanism make the decoration process easy, safe and efficient.

Build as a rotary indexing machine with different add-on options you will be able to decorate T-Shirts, pullovers, hoodies, bags and many other textiles with heat transfers. A wide range of platens makes it possible to print onto all parts of you products as the collar, sleeves or legs. Even work-wear with sewn on pockets and thick zippers are no problem.
The intuitive controls for each station are handled using a touch display to adjust parameters as temperature, dwell time and all other setting to get the best of your transfers.

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The fully automatic transfer carousel can be used versatilely for textile printing. Here are some examples of our customers:

Market: Promotional Items - Main Product: Bags

For printing bags with transfers, our customer uses the TURBOTRAN 6.1 with transfers in standardized formats. This has reduced setup times and the reloading of transfers to a minimum, maximizing output per employee and working hour.
Therefore the transfer carousel is used for the entire product range, from cotton bags to polyester sports bags. Through clean batching, even single pieces can be produced for POD applications.

Market: Sportswear - Main Product: Jerseys

When it comes to the printing of sportswear, the precise positioning of transfers is especially important. The line lasers make it easy for operators to position the jersey according to the brand emblem, preprints, or seams. The machine then takes care of the consistent placement of transfers. This step has cut out the time required for manual measuring and aligning, as well as the error rate. Additionally, processing multiple transfers simultaneously allows names and numbers to be applied in a single step.

Market: Workwear - Main Product: Outdoor Workwear

When it comes to heavy workwear, high-quality heat presses are required. To securely apply transfers even to thick work jackets and pants, this fully automatic heat transfer machine can be equipped with membrane platens. These bottom-inflating platens ensure even pressure on challenging surfaces. Thus, transfers can be applied quickly and easily, even next to pockets and thick zippers.

Market: Promotional Items - Main Product: T-Shirts / Hoodies

Promotional textiles for events such as graduations, tournaments, or local happening have different designs but often use similar textiles.With the fully automatic TURBOTRAN 6.1 heat transfer machine, our customer can take advantage of this. Orders as small as 10 pieces are the starting point to be produced on the TURBOTRAN with standardized transfer platens and well-planned positioning of transfer images. "Even though the larger orders are more fun."

Additional Applications

Even cold-peel transfers and certain patches can be processed with the TURBOTRAN. While these cannot be automatically peeled, the output conveyor belt provides enough time and space for the packer to do this directly before further processing.

The transfer carousel is clearly designed for larger orders, but its advantages can be leveraged even with smaller batch sizes. With the versatile equipment and operation possibilities of this heat transfer machine, varying products and volumes of  can be printed. The machine's speed is clearly its most important feature. But other options like membrane platens and line lasers, which ensure maximum production safety and user-friendliness, are the special extras.

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