Heat Transfer Machine for the Decoration of Textiles with up to 600 Transfers per Hour

With the TURBOTRAN 6.1 we offer you a solution for a fully-automatic and efficient printing of textiles. The System is equipped with 2 heat transfer presses, an automatic placement of transfers, a peel-off station for the carrier material and an automatic out-feed of the decorated textile. Set-up with these 6 stations the machine is perfectly designed to be operated by a single person. The ergonomic working height and an optical starting mechanism make the decoration process easy, safe and efficient.
Build as a rotary indexing machine with different add-on options you will be able to decorate T-Shirts, pullovers, hoodies, bags and many other textiles with heat transfers. A wide range of platens makes it possible to print onto all parts of you products as the collar, sleeves or legs. Even work-wear with sewn on pockets and thick zippers are no problem.
The intuitive controls for each station are handled using a touch display to adjust parameters as temperature, dwell time and all other setting to get the best of your transfers.

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