Digital Heat Transfer Printing for Mascara Bottles

Digital Heat Transfer Printing for Mascara Bottles

Digital Heat Transfer Printing for Mascara Bottles

7 reasons why digital heat transfer decals are perfect for your mascara bottles!

As heat transfer technology in general is well established for printing mascara bottles, the digital version by DIGITRAN makes it even better. And here is why:

1) Digital heat transfers are available in any quantity. The times of minimum quantities and absurdly expensive samples are over!

2) We print our transfers in CMYK + white as a fifth color, always. This means we do not care if you want to print a black text or a photorealistic design. Same goes for the bottle type. Black, white, clear, ABS, SAN, PP, … you name it, we print it.

3) When you are doing mascara bottles already, either with conventionally printed heat transfers or hot stamping foils, there is a high chance that your equipment can handle our digital heat transfers as well. This means that you might be able to benefit from this without any investment at all.

4) Our transfers stick without pre-treatment, even on PP plastics.

5) You don’t want to wait a month for your transfers? We usually ship within 5 days or less!

6) We print with photorealistic 1200 dpi. This means that even texts as small as 1pt. can be printed!

7) It’s digital! You can mix and match different designs in one print run, personalize your artworks, print different languages – all that without stopping the machine!

Get ahead of your competition by being able to decorate all quantities with high-quality digital printing technology. From start-ups to new products or special editions, with us you are good to go! And on top of that, you are using an eco-friendly printing technology, without UV-curing or VOCs.

Get in touch with us for a sample, quote, or additional information on how this works!

Click this button to get in touch with us for a personal consultation. To make sure that your products can benefit from this unique, clean and digital printing technology as soon as possible.

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Digital Heat Transfer Printing for Mascara Bottles
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