Digital Printing of Cosmetic Tubes

Digital heat transfer cosmetic tube printing

The best in digital printing for your cosmetic tubes - at any quantity

The DIGITRAN heat transfer process is the perfect choice for printing cosmetic tubes. Due to the unique combination of digital printing and heat transfer decoration photo-realistic prints with a resolution up to 1200 dpi can be applied to almost all tubes. For this it does not matter is its a cosmetic tube for the cosmetics and beauty segment or a tube that is designed for the food or other industrial markets.

Benefit from adding a cost-efficient solution to print tubes in small and medium quantities. Furthermore, personalized or serialized print runs can be done with this printing technology as well. From ongoing numbers to codes, languages or names, using the DIGITRAN digital heat transfer process you can offer all this to your customers and print tubes with a outstanding designs.

How? We have it all, from digital heat transfer decals to heat transfer machines or our printing service.

Why DIGITRAN for your tube printing tasks?

Tubes printed with the DIGITRAN heat transfer process stand out due to various specialties. First of all it is a safe and harmless technology. This means that the prints do not contain any solvents or UV curable inks. Furthermore all tests done by our clients have shown that the transfer does not migrate through the tube. This way we can make sure that the content of your tube will not be contaminated by the print. On top of that the decorations achieved with heat transfer decals have a nice gloss and feel to them.

Another advantage comes with the tube printing process itself. Once the digital heat transfer has been applied to the tube it is finished. There is no need for further curing or drying which means that the tube can be filled or shipped right away.

To make printing tubes as easy as possible DIGITRAN offers a full service solution. Starting with a digital printing service for heat transfer decals to a variety of heat transfer machines and even a decoration service. You can either decorate yourself or let us take care of it. For the process it doesn't matter if its a PP or PE, coated or uncoated, 6 or 300 ml tube.

In short: It is a unique, reliable and green product, which is versatile in use, for the digital heat transfer decoration of industrial or cosmetic tubes.

Cosmetic Tube Printed with Digital Heat Transfers

Contract tube printing service - also for small quantities

Especially when it comes to printing small quantities you can benefit a lot from our contract printing service. In this case we will print your cosmetic tubes with DIGITRAN heat transfer technology for you.

With our own warehouse we can store your tubes right on site and print them just in time. To do so we have a several heat transfer machines in house as well as cooperating partners in Germany and North America. Due to this we cannot only ensure an outstanding quality, but also a high flexibility when it comes to printing tubes in small quantities. As a result, it takes only a few weeks from order entry to shipping your printed tubes.

This service is available for as few as 200 and up to 100,000 or more tubes. Even printing different or personalized designs in one run is no challenge for us. Moreover, it is possible to print one design in different languages without any downtime for tooling or make-ready.

Once your products have reached a high volume or you simply want to in-source the decoration process, we are here to offer you the most suitable heat transfer machine to do so. From semi-automatic machines like our DIGITRAN TU to fully automatic machine systems as the DIGITRAN TRT or DIGITRAN TRR.

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And convince yourself about the quality of the DIGITRAN process.

Heat transfer machines for tube printing

DIGITRAN TRR - Heißtransfermaschine


The fully automatic heat transfer machine for printing tubes and shells.
High safety standards, easy to operate, product and print orientation, pretreatment, simple or automated infeed and outfeed options and tooled within a few minutes.

DIGITRAN TRT - Heißtransfermaschine für Tuben, Hülsen, Röhrchen


The fully automatic heat transfer machine for tubes and cartridges.
Rotating table for small and large tubes as well as cartridges. Same side infeed and outfeed for a comfortable operation by a single person. Including a pretreatment, product and transfer orientation and a free station for customization needs.

DIGITRAN TU - Werbeartikel Bedurcken


The semi-automatic all-rounder.
When tooled with a mandrel you can utilize the DIGITRAN TU for printing cosmetic tubes. The biggest benefits are fastest make-ready procedures as well as the ability to decorate many other products. These can be flat, round or tapered.

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Your benefits

  • Personalization, serialization, on the fly job changes and mixed artworks within one job
  • accurate color to color registration
  • high resolution, photo-realistic prints with great scratch resistance
  • noble appearance with a glossy finish
  • no need for storing and mixing inks, cleaning of print stations, evaporation of solvents or UV curing or prints
  • no specific requirements for clean rooms, climate control or ventilation
  • quick set-up and make-ready due to simple to handle machine systems and easy to apply heat transfer decals
  • fast and cost-efficient production of both small and mid-size orders
  • print repeatability
  • machine systems, digital heat transfer printing and decorations services available
  • Safe, easy to use and harmless