Digital Printing on Cosmetic Tubes

Cosmetic Tube Digital Heat Transfer Printing

The best in digital printing for your cosmetic tubes - at any quantity

The DIGITRAN heat transfer process is the perfect choice for printing cosmetic tubes. Due to the unique combination of digital printing and heat transfer decoration photo-realistic prints with a resolution up to 1200 dpi can be applied to almost all tubes. From hand cream to sunscreen or even sanitizers, anything is possible. Furthermore, it does not matter if it is a cosmetic tube for the cosmetics and beauty segment or a tube that is designed for the food or industrial markets. Digital heat transfer decorations are perfectly suited to decorate special editions, ad specialty products or new launches.
You can benefit from adding a cost-efficient solution to print small and mid-size orders to your portfolio. On top of that personalized or serialized print runs can be done with this printing technology as well. From ongoing numbers to codes, languages, or names, using the DIGITRAN digital heat transfer process you can offer all this to your customers and print tubes with outstanding designs.

Why DIGITRAN to Print Tubes

Tubes printed with the DIGITRAN heat transfer process stand out due to various specialties. First of all, it is a safe and harmless printing technology. This means that the prints do not contain any solvents or UV curable inks. Furthermore, all test done by our clients have shown that the transfer does not migrate through the tube. On top of that the decorations achieved with heat transfer decals have a nice gloss and touch.

To make printing tubes as easy as possible DIGITRAN offers a full-service solution.
Starting with a digital printing service for heat transfer decals to a variety of heat transfer machines and even a contract decoration service.
You make the call if you want to either decorate yourself or let us take care of it. For the process it does not matter if it is a PP or PE, coated or uncoated, 6- or 250-ml tube.

In short: Digital heat transfer decoration is a green printing technology for decorating industrial or cosmetic tubes - at any quantity.

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Heat Transfer Machine for Printing Tubes

The DIGITRAN TRT is the perfect heat transfer machine for digitally printing tubes!

Fully automatic, high safety standards, easy to operate, print and product registration, several options for customization and set-up times of a few minutes.

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Your benefits

  • Personalization, serialization, on the fly job changes and mixed artworks within one job
  • accurate color to color registration
  • high resolution, photo-realistic prints with great scratch resistance
  • noble appearance with a glossy finish
  • no need for storing and mixing inks, cleaning of print stations, evaporation of solvents or UV curing or prints
  • no specific requirements for clean rooms, climate control or ventilation
  • quick set-up and make-ready due to simple to handle machine systems and easy to apply heat transfer decals
  • fast and cost-efficient production of both small and mid-size orders
  • print repeatability
  • machine systems, digital heat transfer printing and decorations services available
  • Safe, easy to use and harmless