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Full service for your digital heat transfer decorations

DIGITRAN is your experienced partner for high quality digital printing and decorations. Out full service portfolio combines everything you need for a digital heat transfer decoration.
The digitally printed, photo-realistic heat transfer decals are produced with a modified  electrophotographic press and can be adjusted to adhere to a wide range of products and meterials. The DIGITRAN heat transfer process can therefore be used to apply digitally printed heat transfer decals having a resolution of up to 1200 dpi onto your products.

Your benefits with DIGITRAN's full service: You profit from all advantages from both digital printing and a heat transfer process and the convenience of us taking care of the printing itself!
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Sophisticated Standards. Brilliant Colors.

We print using a four color process (CMYK) with an opaque white as a fifth color to achieve the best printing results even on colored surfaces. Additionally we have created our own printing standard which allows for accurate color reproductions and an easy way to communicate colors in-between our prepress and you. To maintain our high quality standards for the digitally printed heat transfer decals as well as out heat transfer machines both go through regular quality controls and improvements.

Good to know: We emphasize a harmless and sustainable process. Therefore our heat transfer decals contain no VOCs, heavy metals, UV curing monomers or other critical ingredients. On top of that the carrier material can be easily recycles.

DIGITRAN Applications

Digital heat transfer decals applied using the DIGITRAN process

Our service prior to printing

In times of digital printing the prepress plays a mayor role. This is where the files will be checked and in necessary modified to achieve the best possible printing result. Color space, file format and the workflow are of particular importance to end up with a perfect print.

DIGITRAN offers all services related to the decoration of your products using digital heat transfer decals. It is of no importance if you are a professional graphics artist or an amateur designer when working with us. Our goal is to give your products an outstanding and unique look, always. Therefore we take following steps in our prepress department:


  • Data review
  • Data preparation
  • Correction and optimization of your files
  • Making and keeping a prints sample of each job
  • Archiving of print files and settings
  • Advisory service for optimized artworks

Searching for a unique digital print?

Our prints – your benefits:

  • One stop shop for everything you need to do digital heat transfer decoration
  • Cost-efficient for small and big orders
  • high resolution, photo-realistic printing quality (as small as 1 pt. texts)
  • Personalization and serialization of your jobs
  • Just-in-time production
  • Short lead times
  • High mechanical resistance of the prints
  • Extreme gloss
  • No minimum quantities
  • Safe to use prints and machinery
  • Recyclable material
  • Harmless prints
  • Great flexibility