Printing Process

The DIGITRAN-Process for digital heat transfer printing

Where digital printing meets heat transfer decoration

The DIGITRAN digital heat transfer process represents a unique combination of digital printing and heat transfer technology. The result: A process that allows for high resolution decorations to be applied on a wide range of products and materials - at any quantity.


The DIGITRAN digital heat transfer process starts with electrophotographic printing of photo-realistic images on a carrier material. Therefore, the carrier is  refined by a special technology. Once printed the heat transfers get slit and wound up resulting in some handy rolls. These will be send to our customers who will then place the rolls in a heat transfer machine and apply the heat transfers to the product.

The digitally printed heat transfers are produced with a four color process (CMYK) and an opaque white as fifth color. With those five colors a photo-realistic print with a resolution of 1200 dpi can be achieved. In regards to the printing width anything from a small dot to 320 mm can be realized, yet the printing length has close to no limits. Therefore printing an endless repeat of personalized, serialized or in any other way varying prints is possible. To ensure that the colors we print match the colors that are expected we developed our own workflow leading to a reliable color reproduction.

For the transfer process the digital heat transfers will be position according to the shape of your product. Using a heated silicone roller or plate the print gets activated and pressed onto the product. During the heat transfer process the carrier releases from the print and will be wound up to be recycled later. Due to a range of different adhesive technologies the transfers can be designed to adhere to almost any material.

Right now the process is in use for the decoration of tubes, cosmetic packaging, yardsticks, promotional products and many more.

Good to know: DIGITRAN digital heat transfer decals are have be tested and approved by an independent institute and fulfill the requirements for the indirect food contact and toys as well.

DIGITRAN - Digital Printing & Heat Transfer Process

DIGITRAN process – your benefits:

  • Personalization, serialization and several artwork on one roll
  • Accurate color to color registraion
  • High resolution, photo-realistic prints
  • Great mechanical resistance
  • Noble appearance in matt or glossy
  • Easy to handle machines and process: No color mixing, no cleaning, no drying, no UV curing, etc.
  • No special requirements for climate control, vacuum, clean rooms, etc.
  • Short set-up and lead times
  • Fast production of small and mid size orders
  • Accurate color repeatability
  • Cost-efficient production of variable data
  • Reliable just in time production

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